Hot Wheels The Hot Ones

Not only were they a hit back in 1981 when the series first appeared, but The Hot Ones have been burnin’ hot with collectors in 2011. The series, which highlights early post-Redline era castings, will continue in 2012 in a big way. Look for more of your favorites to return from inactive status, and get to know some exciting new castings!

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Castings for 2012
Mix 1

442 Much (Retool!) (formerly Flat Out 442 from '79-'84)
Baja Beetle
El Rey Special
GT Racer
Meyers Manx

Mix 2

'29 Ford Pickup
BMW M1 (Retool!) (from '83-'96)
Ford GT-40
Porsche 917
Sting Rod

Mix 3

'78 Corvette®
'83 Chevy® Silverado™
'84 Hurst Olds™ (New tool!)
Dumpin' A (Retool!) (from '79-'83)
Plymouth Arrow Funny Car

Mix 4

'76 Chevy® Monza™ (New tool!)
'80s Corvette®
Hot Bird
Large And In Charger
Long Gone (Retool!) (formerly Long Shot from '83-'85)

Mix 5

'56 Chevy®
1985 Honda CR-X® (New tool!)
Backwoods Bomb (Retool!)(from '75-'77)
Bubble Gunner
Roll Patrol

Mix 6

'80s Firebird®
'86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock (New tool!)
Hare Splitter (Retool!) (from '79-'83)
Show Hoss Mustang II (Retool!)(from '77-'83)

Mix 7

'73 Ford Gran Torino (Retool!) (formerly Torino Stocker from '75-'86)
'79 Ford F-150
'87 Toyota (New tool!)
Blazer 4 x 4 (Retool!) (from '84-'04)
Porsche 930 (Retool!) (from '91-'01)

Mix 8

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1
'84 Mustang SVO (New tool!)
Cadillac® Seville™ (Retool!) (from '82-'84)
Old Number 5.5
Shelby Cobra 427 S/C®

Mix 9

'63 Corvette® Sting Ray®
'80 Chevy® El Camino™
Yamaha VMAX (New tool!)
Dodge Rampage (Retool!) (from '84-'86)
Ferrari GTO

Mix 10

'82 Supra (Retool!) (from '83-'93)
MCI MC-8 Bus (New tool!)
Morris Wagon
Spoiler Sport
Subaru B.R.A.T. (New tool!)

Other Hot Wheels The Hot Ones Vehicles:
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