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Collector Spotlight June 2013: Super Collectors!

Super Dads + Cool Collections

HWC Eve 06-28-13

What makes a real super hero? Is it doing the right thing? Setting a good example? Sharing knowledge? Yes! And you know what? That also describes these two super dads who both happen to be avid Hot Wheels fans. They both share their love of collecting with their sons, and that includes cool cars and super hero action figures. We think that makes them both eligible for the (not-so-secret) identity of Super Collector!

Kenneth Sleeth, Lusby, MD
“I started collecting Hot Wheels heavily about three or four years ago, once my son was old enough to enjoy it with me. I bought the ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler as the first piece for our joint collection. Since then, we’ve accumulated a large number; there have to be close to 1,000, and I’m now closing in on 300 original Redlines. The best car in my collection is my Redline Heavy Chevy Super Chrome that’s missing the chrome, but I think the best Hot Wheels casting of all time is the Custom Camaro. My Redlines are all in smaller 25-40 car capable cases, and I have two 6-foot bookcases in our family room that is filled with carded and loose cars. My fondest memory would probably be finding a Redline Classic Cord in a .50-cent bin at the local antique mall. The top was missing and there are a couple nicks, but with what I usually am willing to pay out for my Redlines, I didn’t know if I would ever get one of them.

As for our super hero collection, we have a wide variety of items displayed in my son’s room, including his 1:18 Hot Wheels 1966 TV Series Batmobile that’s been signed by Adam West, and the new Batman Hot Wheels ‘55 Chevy Panel. Now we just need to find that set in the stores to add to the display!”

Jake Brown, Rushville, Indiana
“In 1995, I was collecting action figures and started looking for Hot Wheels for a friend of mine. I got hooked after buying the Lumina Stocker Race Team series 2-pack, and I still have it to this day. I have over 8,000 vehicles in my collection. I hang them on the wall, plus I have at least 4,000 lose cars. I’ve been customizing for over ten years, and I’ve done a few hundred customs. My best work is probably a snake and mongoose Dairy Delivery set I made. It’s actually in my signature! My best Hot Wheels memory would have to be my first Nationals. It was 2006 in Atlanta, and three of my buddies and myself road tripped down and spent the week there. It was amazing and I haven't missed one since.

I also collect action figures. I’m a huge comic book figure fan, and I have about 500+ carded action figures. I have a lot of the Masters of the Universe® Classics, and the complete set of Voltron® from I also collect all the DC Universe super hero figures, and anything and everything Superman. I have a 2-year-old son and I can’t wait until he’s old enough to enjoy and understand everything I’ve collected.”

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