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Convoy Custom



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    Series Name: HWC Special Editions

    Release Date: 6/12/2012

    One of Larry Wood’s latest and greatest creations comes rolling out of the night—and delivers on Neo-Classics Redline wheels for the first time! The HWC Convoy Custom was made to order.

    Fitted onto a set of Neo-Classics Redline wheels for the first time, the Convoy Custom features a Spectraflame red, white and metallic blue HW Racing theme deco. Makes a great companion piece for 2011’s HWC Series Ten Real Riders ‘64 GMC Panel! Here are all the specs for this unforgettable edition:

    • Spectraflame red and metallic blue finish
    • HW Racing theme deco
    • Neo-Classics Redline wheels (first time on this casting!)
    • Full-metal, polished-chrome-plated chassis
    • Silver VUM interior, engine, grille and stacks

  • Specifications

    Series Name: HWC Special Editions

    Body Type: Metal

    Wheel Type: NCRL

    Base: Metal

    Window Color: n/a

    Interior Color: Silver

    Base Color: Chrome-Plated

    Tampo: Hot Wheels logo in yellow on sides with white stripes. Red and silver painted details.

    Packaging: HWC/RLC blister

    Copyright Year: 2012

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