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2015 Hot Wheels Batman™ Series: Get These Wonderful Toys

2015 Hot Wheels Batman™ Series


If you've gotta fight crime in gritty Gotham City, you're gonna need highly effective transportation. For some of the Dark Knight's best toys, capture this Hot Wheels Batman™ series for yourself! More...

Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Starships: Now In Your Galaxy!

Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ Starships


Need to slip out of a wretched hive of scum and villainy? Or maybe just fire a missile into a hole no bigger than a womp rat? With this series, your local retailers have the starships you're looking for! More...

Buy Hot Wheels Cars from Toys“R”Us: Get a Free ’76 Greenwood Corvette

'76 Greenwood Corvette


Catch the sprit of '76 with a car that represents pure freedom on the track! The '76 Greenwood Corvette is a red-hot American racer… and it’s free with this offer from Toys"R"Us! More...

HW Spider-Man Series Swinging Into Stores Now

Sling Shot


We've got 10 amazing editions spinning your way in honor of everyone's favorite web-crawler. You'll want to catch the Ultimate Spider-Man series in your web of collecting when it shows up in stores! More...

The Cars of the Fast & Furious Films: Truly Hot Wheels



What's racing faster: the cars on the screen, or your pulse? For 14 years and seven films, the Fast & Furious franchise has used one to drive the other. And these are some of the cars they've put into action to do it! More...

Fun in the Sun: 29th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention

29th Annual Collectors Convention


When summer starts to fade, you'll want to head west for that last bit of pre-winter sunshine – and the most Hot Wheels action anywhere! The 29th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention tickets are now available. More...

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron — Eight Heroic Cars Now at Walmart



It's the movie event of the season! We're sure you won't miss Avengers: Age of Ultron, and you sure don't want to miss this set of eight special Hot Wheels editions with epic Avengers deco. More...

Hot Wheels Loop

Hot Wheels at National Maker Faire

Teaching Physics Through Speedometry.

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2015 Austrian Grand Prix Preview

F1 Action at the Red Bull Ring.

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Boy in Hospital Gets Custom Hot Wheels Car

Designer Phil Riehlman Delivers in Person.

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2015 Canadian Grand Prix Preview

F1 Arrives in Montreal.

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2015 Monaco Grand Prix Preview

The Jewel in the F1 Crown.

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2016 Chevy Camaro Revealed

New Generation Smaller, Lighter.

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Own the Pontiac Banshee XP-833

Legendary Concept Car Available.

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Spanish Grand Prix Preview

Barcelona Hosts This Weekend.

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Aston Martin Vulcan

First Look Photo Gallery.

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Detroit’s Golden Era Auto Sketches

Lost Art Never Meant to Be Seen.

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Ford Breaks Hot Wheels Loop World Record

Take Your Child To Work Day Event.

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2015 Chinese Grand Prix Preview

Mercedes, Ferrari Rivalry.

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2015 Malaysian Grand Prix Preview

Get Ready for the Weekend Race.

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Wienermobile Crashes in Pennsylvania

Driftpad Lets Hot Wheels Cars Drift

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Catch the Latest Trailer!.

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The 2015 Detroit Auto Show

See The Best Cars.

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Monster Jam 2015

Event Schedule.

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Mercedes “Luxury In Motion”

Self-Driving Car Concept.

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Star Wars TIE Fighter Crash on Road?

Catch This Inventive German Video.

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