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Darth Vader Takes Hot Wheels to the Dark Side

Darth Car


Partially hidden beneath a tarp lies a dark, menacing car. Sparks fly out of the dashboard area as a power sander rips metal into shape. The “helmet” is tipped back and the grille grimaces at me like the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. The Force is strong with this one – the 1:1 Darth Vader car. More...

Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car: The Empire Strikes Comic-Con

Epic News from SDCC


Just unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con: our 1:1 scale Hot Wheels Darth Vader car! Stop by the Mattel booth and check it out – if you’re not too far, far away. More...

Pins and Wheels: Hot Wheels on Pinterest



Shift your favorite hobby into high gear! Check out the Hot Wheels Pinterest page – we’ve pinned up loads of hot ideas for rooms, road trips and more. More...

Wheels You’ve Watched: HW Entertainment Series



These are vehicles you’ve seen in your favorite scenes on the small or large screen! The Hot Wheels Entertainment series continues with a total of six mixes planned for this year, and we’ve got the complete list of expected castings. More...

UPDATE! Buy 20 Hot Wheels Basic Cars: Get a Free ’88 Jeep Wagoneer

Buy 20 Hot Wheels Basic Cars: Get a Free '88 Jeep Wagoneer


It’s the time of year to pile the kids into the car and set out on a rad summer road trip, and we know the perfect ride for the job. The '88 Jeep Wagoneer is ready for big adventure… and you can get one for free! More...

The Power of Pop: HW Pop Culture Series

Pop Culture


All of the segments in this series are as much a part of pop culture as Hot Wheels themselves! The Hot Wheels Pop Culture series is packed with eight mixes of some of your most favorite things. More...

What’s Going On with the Red Line Club? We’ve Got Some Answers for You

2014 RLC


We know you’ve been wondering about the Red Line Club and the HWC/RLC cars. You’re important to us, and we want to fill you in on our plan to resolve the backorder status and for 2014 car offers. More... Mission Madness: Unlock the Golden Quick N’ Sik!



Attention, Hot Wheels fans of all ages! Head over to for the updated Mission Madness challenge… check out the latest Hot Wheels, earn badges, and unlock cool cars to race online. Kids could even win the ultimate prize, the online golden Quick N' Sik! More… More...

Hot Wheels Loop

Hungarian Grand Prix 2014 Preview

The Season Reaches the Hungaroring.

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German Grand Prix 2014 Results

4th Win for Nico Rosberg.

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British Grand Prix 2014 Results

Winner, Standings, Highlights and Reaction.

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Live-Action Wacky Races?

Ad Brings Legends to Life.

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Austrian Grand Prix 2014 Preview

F1 Returns to Austria After Long Absence .

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Canadian F1 Grand Prix Results

Winner, Standings, Highlights .

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix Preview

The Biggest Race of All .

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The 2014 Spanish Grand Prix

Previewing This Weekend's Race .

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Dodge Restyles Charger, Challenger Muscle Cars

Dodge is looking to expand the muscle car segment with updated versions of both of its muscle cars — the Charger and Challenger. .

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Bahrain Grand Prix As It Happened

Text and Video Highlights.

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Australian Grand Prix: Race Results

The 2014 F1 World Championship Opens .

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Maserati Alfieri Concept Looks Forward at Geneva

Concept Based on the GranTurismo Will Likely See Production.

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Fast Car: Hennessey Venom GT

Hits 270 mph at Kennedy Space Center.

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Equus Bass 770: The $250,000 Muscle Car

Muscle car from Michigan automaker blends old-school design with modern auto tech..

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15 Cars That Shaped The Ford Motor Company

Over its 110-year history, Ford has developed many vehicles that have inspired generations of car fans and pushed the market in new directions..

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Snake, Mongoose, and a Bullfighter

What’s Hot at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale.

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Horsepower King

Check out some of the most powerful cars in production! .

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The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Here's A Full List of Debuts.

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Brazilian Grand Prix Preview

F1 Season's Final Round.

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Celebrates the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary

"Mustangs Across America" Drive.

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