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Collector Help Needed For The 2012 Hot Wheels® Mainline

Collectors Will Again Choose HW Racing™ Cars!

HWC Gary 10-27-10

By now, you’ve seen the article here at HWC™ announcing last year’s winners in the HW Racing™ segment of the Hot Wheels® mainline for 2011. You might’ve even seen some of them on the pegs. Looking ahead, we’re now planning for 2012 -- and we want your help again!

For the HW Racing™ segment, the chosen cars will feature the recognizable Hot Wheels® racing deco -- dark blue, flames, big logo. We have a list of 25 candidates -- but it’s up to you to help us narrow our list down to just 10 cars. How do you do that?

First, you’ll need to be signed in here at HWC™ with your HWC™ or RLC™ membership. Take a look at the 25 castings to choose from, and decide which of them you would most like to see sporting the HW Racing™ deco. Then simply follow the link below the list of castings and vote for the 10 you’ve chosen. We’ll reveal the winning 10 next year.

Here are the 25 candidates:

  • ’40 Ford Truck
  • ’62 Ford Mustang Concept
  • ’65 Ford Mustang (convertible)
  • ’67 Pontiac® GTO®
  • ’68 Chevy® Nova™
  • ’69 Camaro Z28® (’Tooned™)
  • ’70 Chevelle™ SS™
  • ’70 Dodge HEMI® Challenger
  • ’70 Ford Torino
  • ’70 Plymouth Barracuda (convertible)
  • ’71 Dodge Demon
  • ’71 Maverick Grabber
  • ’71 Plymouth GTX
  • ’75 Corvette®
  • ’08 Dodge Challenger SRT8
  • AMC Javelin AMX
  • Bone Shaker®
  • Bread Box™
  • Corvette® C6™ (convertible)
  • Custom ’59 Cadillac®
  • Customized C3500
  • Hyper Mite™
  • Pass’n Gasser™
  • Custom Volkswagen Beetle
  • Volkswagen SP2

We know it can be a difficult decision -- because they’re all great, right? But we also know we can count on you!

When you’re ready to make your choices, just follow this link:

2012 HW Racing™ Survey

Thanks again for taking a minute to help us out. We look forward to another great year of the HW Racing™ segment!

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