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Hot Wheels® 2010 Factory-Sealed Set!

Our Biggest Mainline Set Ever!

HWC Eve 12-06-10

Hardcore collectors live for this sweet set all year long. But the REALLY big news for 2010? The set is by far the largest one we’ve ever offered – a whopping 447 cars! This set sells out ever year so RLC™ members will want to be logged in and ready to go when the window of opportunity opens at 9 AM PT. Any remaining quantities will be available to all HWC™ members on December 8th.

With 447 cars, it’s hard to believe we found a box to fit it all in. On the outside, it’s covered with the awesome art from this year’s poster. Inside, it’s stocked with Hot Wheels® vehicles from all the basic car segments from 2010 in their original retail packaging, plus recolors. Then, the already-mammoth set gets further stuffed with the four special edition mail-away promotional cars from 2010! A signed quality control certificate goes inside and the entire thing is sealed by the factory.

Production is limited to no more than 500 pieces and each set is numbered XXX/500. Here’s what the lucky few will find packed inside:

  • All 44 of the 2010 First Editions™ cars!
  • 63 Recolors of the 2010 First Editions™ cars!
  • All 12 of the 2010 Treasure Hunt cars!
  • All 12 of the 2010 Trea$ure Hunt$ cars!
  • All 12 of the 2010 Track Stars® cars!
  • All 24 of the 2010 Mystery® cars!
  • 100 Series cars from the 2010 lines: Hot Wheels® Racing, Muscle Mania®, HW Performance™, Nightburnerz™, HW City Works™, Hot Rods®, Faster Than Ever™, Hot Auction™, HW Garage™, All Stars
  • 102 Recolors of Series cars
  • 10 WalMart customized vehicles (Goodyear tampo)
  • 10 WalMart customized vehicles (BFGoodrich tampo)
  • 48 Race World™ vehicles
  • 6 recolors of Race World™ vehicles
  • All 4 Collector Edition mail-in promo releases
  • Signed quality control certificate

This set is priced at $449.99. Due to the size of this product, a large-item surcharge of $15 will be added to the applicable S&P rate for standard delivery, currently $16.95. Canadian customers shipping to Canada will pay the standard shipping rate and the large-item surcharge, plus an additional $5.00. Rush shipping is not available for this item.

Sorry, no exchanges will be accepted on this item. Sealed boxes may be returned for a full refund, but any box that has been opened will not be accepted. Mattel reserves the right to refuse the return if it appears this item has been tampered with in any way.