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Piping Hot: Neo-Classics Noodlist!

Legendary Casting From 1971 Returns

HWC Gary 08-11-11

It’s one of the heaviest Hot Wheels car castings of all time, and a legend of the Redline era. Formerly known as the “Noodlehead,” this Howard Rees original design -- only released in the 1971 lineup -- returns now as the Noodlist. The HWC Series Ten Neo-Classics version becomes available on Tuesday, August 23 at 9:00 AM PT. It will be offered first to Red Line Club members for a 24-hour Priority Window, with remaining quantities (if any) available to ALL HWC members on August 24. Also, RLC members earn three Rewards Points for each one they purchase.

With a full rack of shiny polished, chrome-plated pipes and rear-mounted engine, featuring pop-up headlights, this heavy retool looks piping hot in Spectraflame dark red. Sitting on Neo-Classics Redline wheels with bent-axle suspension, it’s a pipe dream you can really get your hands on.

  • Spectraflame dark red finish
  • Pop-up headlights
  • Neo-Classics Redline wheels w/bent-axle suspension
  • Full-metal, polished-chrome-plated chassis, engine and pipes
  • Beige interior
  • Clear windshield

With a production quantity of no more than 3,500 pieces, the Neo-Classics Noodlist comes with an individually numbered holographic sticker and ships in a Hot Wheels Kar Keepers case. Priced at $14.99 plus S&P (shipping & processing) each, there is a purchase limit of TWO per RLC membership on the first day of availability. If quantities remain after the RLC 24-hour Priority Window, it will be available for purchase by ALL HWC members, and RLC members may purchase one more.

Production car may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

Offers available to RLC members only for a
24-hour Priority Window: 8/23/11, 9:00 AM PT

Any remaining quantities available to
ALL HWC members: 8/24/11, 9:00 AM PT

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