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Hop On The Pop Culture Series!

Fun Castings And Familiar Themes

HWC Gary 03-14-13

When the Hot Wheels brand did a power slide onto the scene back in '68, it burned its way into the hearts and minds of all of us and became popular culture forever. Our Pop Culture series pays tribute to other such phenoms, proving once and for all that Hot Wheels can be linked to anything! After all, who doesn't love cars? It's a part of everyone's life -- and so are these brands.

A couple of new tools will make their debut in the Pop Culture series this year: the Quick D-Livery and the '49 Ford F1. Beloved themes include DC Comics, Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera. You'll find some exciting (and sometimes surprising) decos on your favorite castings. And, of course, the vehicles in this series will feature Real Riders wheels and die-cast body and chassis.

Some of these have already made their way to the pegs, but there are plenty more where they came from. Here's a complete list to help you get prepared to pop these into your collection!

Looney Tunes

Custom '69 Volkswagen Squareback

Dairy Delivery

Dream Van XGW Panel

Funny Money

Pro-Stock Camaro

Spoiler Sport


’34 Ford Sedan Delivery

’59 Chevy Delivery

Baja Breaker

Dairy Delivery

Midnight Otto

Super Van

King Features Syndicate

’52 Chevy (Truck)

’56 Chevy Nomad Delivery

’65 Volkswagen Fastback

GMC Motor Home

Haulin' Gas

Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus

DC Comics

’55 Chevy Panel

’56 Ford F-100 Panel

’63 Studebaker Champ

’67 Austin Mini Van

8 Crate Delivery

Cool One

General Mills

’49 Ford C.O.E.

’77 Packin' Pacer

Custom ’52 Chevy

Haulin' Gas

Quick D-Livery (New tool!)

Super Van

Live Nation


Convoy Custom

Dream Van XGW Panel

Fat Fendered '40

Hiway Hauler

Smokin' Grille

Universal Horror

’34 Chrysler Airflow

’59 Cadillac Funny Car

Double Demon Panel

Low Flow

Neet Streeter

Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus


’40 Ford Coupe

’67 Ford Bronco

’70 Chevy Blazer

Ice Cream Truck

La Troca

Super Van


’29 Ford Pick-Up

’70 Chevelle Delivery

Anglia Panel

Bread Box

Deco Delivery

Smokin' Grille


’49 Ford F1 (New tool!)

’51 GMC C.O.E.

’64 GMC Panel

Convoy Custom

Quick D-Livery

Haulin' Gas