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Sizzlers® are back!

Electrifying exclusive opportunity!

John Ludwig 08-16-06

    By now you may have heard that Sizzlers® are back in the Hot Wheels® aisle at your local Target store. We wanted to take some time to tell you about the “new” line and give you a little background on how this all came to be.

    The idea of bringing back Sizzlers® vehicles has been floating around Mattel for years. Many people have pitched the concept, but for one reason or another, the stars have just not aligned… until now. Bringing Sizzlers® cars back was a team effort hatched in part by our Target sales team - a big reason the line is a Target exclusive. Target wanted something truly special and when we pitched Sizzlers® they jumped all over it and have been great partners in making the re-launch happen.

    So what’s in the Sizzlers® line now, you ask? The retro line is made up of the following items: 20 vehicles across three segments to ‘70s Die-Cast Tribute cars, Sizzlers® Vehicle Assortment (8 vehicle styles in 2-3 decos each), Sizzlers® Juice Machine™ recharger, Sizzlers® Mad Scatter™ Set (one Sizzlers® vehicle plus a Goose Pump charger and a bumper so you can race the car off-track and bounce it off obstacles), Sizzlers® Race Case (vinyl carry case that holds a Juice Machine™ recharger and four Sizzlers® cars – one Sizzlers® car is included), and the Sizzlers® Giant O Race Set™ track set (includes 18-feet of Fat Track™ in an oval configuration, a Juice Machine ™ recharger, and one Sizzlers® car). If those abbreviated descriptions haven’t satisfied your need to know then here is even more detail!

“Tribute” Cars
    The popular themes of the ‘70s are back with the Low Rider Series, Super Chromes® and Flying Customs™. These retro-inspired segments pay homage to the vehicles and decos of the 1970s using the decoration technology that was in its infancy in those days. We’ve come a long way since then, and the designers were truly inspired looking back on the “super” ‘70s. A few of the vehicles will appear in multiple segments and keep an eye out for a rare version of one particular vehicle. Happy hunting!

Sizzlers® Vehicles
    Eight of the original Sizzlers® vehicles return in all their ‘70s glory! We replicated the originals right down to the chassis markings and the now “old school” Ni-Cad batteries. What was high tech back then might be low-tech today, but these cars sure are fast and as much fun to play with as ever! All of the initial decos were inspired by the original concept drawings from the Sizzlers® line, which were attempted in the form of stickers originally, but today can be tampoed right onto the car. The process of bringing them back just wouldn’t have been complete without the plastic collector case, so we brought that back as well. Race on!

Juice Machine™ Recharger
    The true icon of the Sizzlers® line, the Juice Machine™, is still the gas pump of the future. As we toil in long lines for “cheap” $3.00 per gallon gas these days, we long for a mean-looking electric car we can charge up and tear off down the road in. Thirty years ago Mattel brought you the first electric muscle cars and they are still but a pipe dream in full scale. Let’s be honest, a hybrid may be great for gas mileage, but Hot Wheels® are all about the coolest cars in the world and well, let’s just call the current hybrids “quaint” and leave it at that. So pop in four “D” batteries into the back of the Juice Machine™ recharger, plug the nozzle into the side of the car, hold down that big red button on top, and let your Sizzlers® cars fly down the track.

Mad Scatter™ Set
    As we combed through the Sizzlers® archives we came across a strange looking blue package with a car, Goose Pump™ charger, and what looked like a small plastic crossbow. It didn’t look great, to say the least, but when we opened it up and found that it was a bumper (not a crossbow) we set-up an impromptu track of books, boxes, and someone’s stapler, and discovered that this was a cool toy. So we spruced up the packaging and brought back a little-remembered piece of the past with the Mad Scatter™ Set. For now, this is the only way you can get the Goose Pump™ charger (that’s the smaller red charger that holds two “D” batteries and you can clip it on your belt – remember when things you clip on your belt were cool?). Comes with a charger, a car, and a bumper - you’re ready to race right out of the pack (no track needed!). Look for several different vehicles to appear in this assortment.

Sizzlers® Race Case
    Ah the smell of a vinyl collector case, it brings back memories. Taking the iconic art from an original Hot Wheels® vinyl carry case and bringing back the same smelly material brings back memories of good times with the neighborhood kids. This case replicates the original Sizzlers® Race Case with slots for four Sizzlers® vehicles plus your Juice Machine™ recharger. It’s the perfect way to store and carry your Sizzlers® cars, and it looks and smells pretty good too! Comes with one Sizzlers® car.

Sizzlers® Giant O Race Set™ Track Set
    The thrill and fun of Sizzlers® vehicle racing is back with our trademark black Fat Track™ layout! Plain old Hot Wheels® track is fun (unless you’re losing) but nothing can beat the passing action that Fat Track™ allows. Get four, five, even eight cars running at one time and you’ve got yourself a really fun track set. This huge oval set includes 18-feet of Fat Track™, a Juice Machine™ recharger, and one Sizzlers® vehicle. You’ll have to pick up a few more cars for real racing action, but at least you can test it right out of the box. And speaking of the box, we took original Sizzlers® vehicle art and created a totally cool retro package complete with weird looking kids on the back! The illustrations of the eight Sizzlers® cars are original from the Mattel 1970 catalog. We finished off this masterpiece by printing our instructions on old-looking paper to make sure you felt completely transported to 1970 (shag carpeting and bell bottoms sold separately).

    So there you have it, the 2006 Sizzlers® vehicle line is back exclusively at your local Target store. We’re already moving forward with the 2007 line so go out and get ‘em!

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