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Calling All Gamers: New Turbo Driver™ Controller!

Eight Vehicles, Eight Worlds in Exclusive Game Coming in July

HWC Eve 06-19-08

Collectors, get ready to get ready to race online like never before with the brand-new HotWheels.comsm Turbo Driver™ Controller!

It’s the perfect combo of real Hot Wheels® cars and computer technology, and it’s ridiculously easy to use. Just plug the Turbo Driver™ controller into your computer’s USB port and pop in a Car-tridge™ vehicle. You’ll automatically connect to, where you can download the exclusive Race The World™ game!

There are eight different Car-tridge™ vehicles created exclusively for the controller, and the Car-tridge™ you plug into the controller is the same car that you play in the exclusive Race The World™ game. And dig this: when you change the Car-tridge™ in the controller, the car automatically changes on the screen!

Race The World™ gives you the chance to race in eight different worlds, each with its own terrain and unique obstacles. Each car has a secret ability that gives it the best performance in its home world and all of the cars perform slightly differently in each world. So, no matter which car you race, there are always new things to find. If that weren’t enough, when you beat all eight worlds, you unlock the secret ninth world!

You can race with:

  • Stockar (included in package)
  • Invader™
  • Arachnorod®
  • Da’Kar™
  • Sharkruiser®
  • Drift King™
  • RD-04™
  • Jet Threat® 4.0

You can race in:

  • The Grand Prix
  • The Arctic
  • The Jungle
  • The Desert
  • The Islands
  • The Streets
  • The Volcano
  • The Sky
  • The Secret Ninth World!

The Turbo Driver™ controller is nicely priced at just $21.59 and it includes one Car-tridge™, the Stockar. Additional Car-tridge™ vehicles are only $4.99. Plus, the controller can be used to play over 20 games on and will be compatible with all future games launched there. Look for them in the Youth Electronics section at your local retailer starting early July.

Want a sneak peek? Check it out at, then get ready to race the Hot Wheels® way!