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First Kmart Collector Day Event for 2011 on February 12th!

Your Chance at Exclusive Colors and First-To-Markets

by HWC Eve


The 14th is considered by many to be the most important day in February, but we dig Saturday the 12th above all others because that’s the date of our first Kmart Collector Day Event for 2011!



Kmart Collector Day event


Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 9:00 AM local times


U.S. Kmart stores (excluding Puerto Rico)


Click here for a list of participating Kmart stores

If you’ve been to a Collector Day event, then you know it’s a total Hot Wheels® cars love-fest. Special cases of vehicles are packed with all-new exclusive colors and First-To-Market releases just for the event, then collectors get the chance to open up those cases to see which of their most-desired cars are inside. Just have a look at the sweet vehicles we’re offering this time around:

Special Colors


But we’ve got something else to get your collector heart going pitter-patter… February 12th also happens to be the first day of our newest 20-for-1 promotion! Truck on over to participating Kmart locations, buy 20 select Hot Wheels® basic cars, and we’ll send you a Hot Wheels® Convoy Custom™ in Spectraflame® gold (please follow the link for details).

So grab your sweetie and head over to your favorite location on Saturday, February 12th at 9:00 AM for your chance at exclusive colors and first-to-markets!

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