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How To Make The Most Of A Kmart Collector Day Event

Tips To Help You Get The Cars You Want & Have More Fun

by HWC Eve & HWC Gary


One of the best things about being a Hot Wheels collector is the community. It's great to have conversations with others who truly get our obsession with these awesome little cars! One of the best places to meet other collectors is at the Kmart Collector Day events. If you've never been to one, Kmart stores are shipped cases of vehicles packed with special recolors we create just for the event and first-to-market releases (not to mention the ever-elusive Treasure Hunt cars). Then the hunt begins, with collectors taking turns opening up those cases.

Ready to get in on the action? Here's a primer with tips and tricks to help you come home with the Hot Wheels cars of your dreams!

  1. Before the event, check the advance article on HWC to see what will be released. You'll also find a list of participating stores so you can find one in your area.
  2. Bring a list of what you already have and what you're still looking for. You don't want to waste precious time guessing if you've got everything!
  3. ALWAYS get there early. There's usually a line and you want to be in front to ensure you get the primo picks.
  4. Bring your family! It's the perfect time to enjoy your Hot Wheels hobby together, and kids have a blast opening the cartons and helping to find those special cars.
  5. Be ready to swap and negotiate—that's part of the fun! Some collectors will open a case with something that may not be in yours, and vice versa. Others may not want what they get, but it may be just what YOU need... and vice versa.
  6. Grab a shopping cart. When you get too many cars, it's easy to drop them and you may not even notice in all the excitement.
  7. We're all part of the Hot Wheels family, so please be courteous to each other. And like Mom always said, pick up after yourself and don't leave a mess.
  8. And finally, if you don't get everything you want, that's okay – Kmart loves Hot Wheels and does these events several times a year (usually in February, September and November). There's always another one coming soon!

Special recolors, first-to-markets, new friends… if it sounds fun, that's because it is. See for yourself in these photos from recent events around the country, and we'll see you at the next one!


Special thanks to the following collectors for providing us with photos:
Joe Alvarado
Rob Graves
Ernie Haupt
Marty Hernandez
Jason Klett
Cullen Lee
Chris Parker
Mike "Boneshaker" Tetzlaff
Mike Zarnock

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