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HWC Series Fourteen Subscription Plan Offer
(w/ Neo-Classics Volkswagen Drag Bus)



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  • Details

    Release date: 11/8/2016

    We know you'd hate to miss out on any of our HWC Series Fourteen editions. To help make sure you don't, we'll again offer the Subscription Plan opt-in!

    There is no charge to opt in to the plan; you'll just be charged $14.99 USD (plus standard shipping; for more shipping options and information, click here) for each of the eight HWC Series Fourteen cars as each one is released. Shipping first when you opt in to the Subscription Plan is the Neo-Classics Volkswagen Drag Bus. Plus, you get nine (9) Rewards points for completing the plan.

    Below is the complete list of the eight (8) HWC Series Fourteen editions included with your Subscription. We recommend you keep this list somewhere to refer to throughout the year.

    • Neo-Classics 72 Ford Gran Torino Sport
    • Neo-Classics Convoy Custom
    • Neo-Classics Custom Camaro
    • Neo-Classics Volkswagen Drag Bus
    • Real Riders Custom Barracuda
    • Real Riders Datsun Bluebird 510
    • Real Riders Drag Dairy
    • Real Riders Long Gone

    It's a simple plan, but please read the following infomation carefully for all of the details.

    • When you opt-in during the one-week Priority Window, you'll be enrolled in the Subscription Plan. (Note that the Volkswagen Drag Bus will be offered separately later should you want it but choose not to participate in the Subscription Plan.) By opting in, you're signing up to automatically be shipped each of the HWC Series Fourteen releases as they are issued.
    • We are making up to 2,500 Subscription Plans available. (Note that each HWC Series Fourteen sale quantity throughout the year will be reduced by the number of Subscription Plans sold.) There is a limit of one Subscription Plan per membership.
    • Note: the nine Rewards points for the Subscription Plan will not be awarded until after the last of the HWC Series Fourteen cars have shipped. You will also receive three RLC Rewards Points for each vehicle when it ships -- an accumulated total of 33 Rewards Points in all!


    • RLC one-week Priority Window: 11/8 at 9 a.m. PT
    • Offer closes (unless sold out first): 11/14 at 9 a.m. PT

    Pricing and Purchase Limits:

    • No charge for the Subscription Plan; $14.99 plus shipping and processing for the Volkswagen Drag Bus and each HWC Series Fourteen release. Canadian customers shipping to Canada pay the standard shipping rate plus an additional $5.00 (for more shipping options and information, click here)
    • RLC members only during the one-week Priority Window
    • Limit one Subscription Plan per RLC membership

    Please note:

    • Refunds only. No exchanges.

      Production car may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

  • Specifications

    Features: Opening top

    Body Color: Spectraflame purple

    Body Type: ZAMAC

    Deco: Yellow and red flame design on front, top and sides

    Wheel Type: Neo-Classics Redline wheels

    Base: Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and engine

    Window Color: Violet-tinted

    Interior Color: Violet

  • Packaging

    Packaging and Quantities:

    • Packed in a Hot Wheels Kar Keeper case
    • Individually numbered sticker (xxxx/quantity of orders received during the Priority Window)

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