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2014 Red Line Club Memberships
Includes Drag Dairy! Beginning 1/28

Our new Drag Dairy made such a splash last year that we’ve chosen it for this year’s Red Line Club membership car! And you can get all four colors if you choose the Chrome level membership. More...

Hot Wheels® Retail Series

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HWC™ Museum

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Mighty Maverick

This is the Red Line Club™ party car from the 23rd Annual Hot Wheels® Collector's Convention,... More...


Evil Weevil™

This is the Red Line Club™ party car from the 9th Annual Hot Wheels® Collector's Nationals, held... More...


Hot Wheels® 1:1 Vehicles

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Hot Wheels® 1:1 Vechicles

You have seen the 1:1 cars at the conventions and shows. Now you can come and see the vehicles here at Hotwheelscollectors.com anytime. The 1:64 scale goes big! More...