2014 Hot Wheels Mainline
Factory-Sealed Set Available 12/9

The Hot Wheels Mainline Factory-Sealed set is a rad way to wrap up the year in collecting – all in one big, beautiful box! With a total of 442 vehicles, this one has all collector-numbered mainline vehicles released for More...

Hot Wheels® Retail Series

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HWC™ Museum

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Custom Mustang

Just as the Hot Wheels era was dawning, Ford's Mustang fastback was resized and powered up for 1967.... More...


Hot Heap

Based on Tognotti's T -- the award-winning customized Model T Roadster designed by Don Tognotti in... More...


Hot Wheels® 1:1 Vehicles

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Hot Wheels® 1:1 Vechicles

You have seen the 1:1 cars at the conventions and shows. Now you can come and see the vehicles here at anytime. The 1:64 scale goes big! More...