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Dragstrip Demons™


Dragstrip Demons™

Nostalgia drag racing has skidded from the sidelines and into the mainstream as faithful fans everywhere long for the glory days of old. Maintaining this momentum, Hot Wheels® is revisiting vintage with a line of Funny Cars, Top Fuel dragsters, factory experimentals, fuel altereds, and super stock vehicles. These models remind us of the days when ordinary men became daredevil drivers, strapped into cars that were transformed into fire-breathing monsters, and hurled down the track at super high speeds. Hot Wheels® proudly pays homage with this line of 30 cars designed to bring out the demon in you!

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Snake Prudhomme's Black Snake 'Cuda
Pure Heaven II AA/FA
Ramchargers Challenger
George Doty's '71 Mustang
Sox & Martin Super Stock Barracuda
Mongoose McEwen's English Leather Corvette
Roland Leong's "Hawaiian" Charger
Butch Leal's "Mr. 427" Thunderbolt
Gary Densham's "Teacher's Pet" Challenger
Pisano & Matsubara '74 Vega
Dave Strickler's '65 Coronet A/FX
Beebe & Mulligan Front Engine Fuel Dragster
Wilshire Shaker Match Bash Nova™
'64 Ford Thunderbolt
Dick Landy's '65 Coronet A/FX
Snake Prudhomme's Army Snake 'Cuda
'70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car
Bradford's Fiat AA/FA
'74 English Leather Duster
Lil' Nate Plymouth 'Cuda Funny Car
Hot Wheels® Front Engine Fuel Dragster
Mike Zarnock's Altered Roadster
Bill Stiles' Super Stock Barracuda
Bruce Larson's USA-1 Corvette®
Don Prudhomme's Army Snake Vega
'70 Camaro® Funny Car
Don Prudhomme's Snake II 'Cuda
Tom McEwen's Mongoose II Duster
'71 Mustang Funny Car
Bruce Larson's USA-1 Camaro®

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