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Hot Wheels® Star Trek


Hot Wheels® Star Trek

For more than 40 years, Star Trek has thrilled, entertained and inspired fans across the globe. Today, Star Trek remains a true classic and is one of the most beloved and ground-breaking sci-fi icons of all time. With so much rich history and global appeal, Hot Wheels® is proud and excited to present a line of replica ships done as only Hot Wheels® can with a focused attention to detail and a high standard of excellence. With reproductions from both film and television, Hot Wheels® has created a variety of models for every fan to enjoy.

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U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701-A [P8511]
U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701-D [P8513]
U.S.S. RELIANT™ NCC-1864 [P8514]
U.S.S.ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701 [P8509]
NARADA [P8510]

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